Nathan Taylor

Professional Mentor "Friend"

Nathan realized the importance of community at a young age, being fortunate to grow up surrounded by amazing friends and role models. Although he did not always have the best home life, this community was always there for him when he needed them most, able to provide him with a ray of hope through dark times. They made him feel that the challenges of the outside world didn’t matter, if only for a few hours. The community called themselves “a place set apart” a phrase that has always stuck with him.

As the community grew distant over the years, Nathan reflected on all the time they spent together and how much it meant to him. He realized that even if his community weren’t physically close, they would always be a part of him through the memories they made and the lessons he learned.

Nathan is excited to be working at Friends of the Children because he believes that the best way to show appreciation for what his community did for him, is to be a part of someone else’s community. He can’t wait to give youth their own “place set apart,” where they feel safe to be who they are, develop meaningful relationships, and pursue their goals.

Nathan was born and raised in Vancouver. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, enjoying the outdoors, and playing and watching sports.

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