Emberly Hogan

Professional Mentor "Friend"

Emberly was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, having lived in various cities including Pullman, Spokane, and Salem. She attended Western Oregon University to begin her college studies and then graduated from Arizona State University in 2020 with a Bachelor’s in Justice Studies.

While in high school and college, Emberly worked as both a preschool teacher and a nanny to young children. Through this work, she learned the value in building meaningful relationships with youth. In 2021, Emberly began working at Franklin High School in Portland, Oregon with a program called Step Up. Emberly spent a school year in this position mentoring and advocating for freshman students. She is now excited to be a part of Friends of the Children so that she can continue mentorship work and building meaningful relationships with youth.

In her free time, Emberly enjoys cooking and baking, spending time with her loved ones, enjoying the peace of the outdoors, learning new things, and listening to lots of music.

Emberly can be reached at

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