Jennifer Chamale

Professional Mentor "Friend"

Jennifer Chamale was born and raised in Southern California. She graduated with a Bachelors in Recreation Administration from Humboldt State University, CA with an emphasis in the outdoors.

While earning her degree, Jennifer worked in classrooms with young children. After college, she worked as an outdoor guide leading whitewater rafting trips and backpacking trips. Some of the expeditions and trips she led were with organizations that worked with historically underserved youth. Those trips inspired Jennifer to move to the Pacific Northwest to work in Wilderness Therapy. She became a Senior Field Instructor at Evoke Therapy Programs, working alongside therapists and using the outdoors to help adolescents and young adults to a better understanding of themselves, their true nature, the importance of relationships, and the value they and others bring to every situation. Her favorite part of Wilderness Therapy was forming meaningful relationships with participants and watching participants gain confidence.

Now Jennifer is excited to be working at Friends of the Children, where she can continue forming meaningful and lasting relationships with youth and making positive impacts with the families and youth we serve.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her dog Dunes, gardening, foraging, backpacking, paddleboarding, rock climbing, and mountain biking.